William Beckett Reveals Plans For 2013: Music, Touring And More!

William Beckett has been hard at work cultivating his solo career for the past year. He’s released three EP’s and toured non-stop. It’s safe to say William has been one busy guy. Now, the swoon worthy indie artist is set to release his latest collection of music, The Pioneer Sessions on January 22nd. This compilation will include all the songs off his three EPs recorded live in studio, stripped down. Should be amazing.

Today it was revealed the 27-year-old Chicago native is getting ready to give us his first solo full-length album. Oh boy!

William revealed on Twitter today, “Writing songs. #LP1.” No word on when we can expect to hear the new album, but we do know we can expect to see him on Warped Tour this summer. So perhaps the record will be out before the tour starts? We can only hope.

I am sure he has faced a lot of criticism branching out as a solo artist from his band The Academy Is…, but I think William has a strong sense of who he is as a solo artist. His music has diversity and with his three EPs this year, there is song for every mood. Even when you watch his interviews you can tell he just really digs music. Creating it, listening to it and performing for an audience – all facets of music seem to ignite something inside of him and I find that incredibly honorable. His passion for music is something you can’t fake and it translates through my headphones loud and clear. #musicrules.

Well done William Beckett, I am so excited to see all that 2013 has in store for you.

What do you think of William Beckett’s solo career so far?

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