This Is Why Miami Is The Perfect Place For Kim And Kourtney Kardashian

Miami, Florida. To seniors it is a place to retire and get away from it all. But to the fashion world, it is quite literally, one the hottest places on the planet. What has turned this tropical town in a go-to town for those seeking the most amazing looks in the fashion world? Why do those who would usually rather die than leave NYC or LA flock to its shores ever year in search of the perfect style?

Here are five reasons why Miami is the fashionista city of choice for those in the know.

1. Art Deco Style

Walking the streets of Miami takes you back in time to an era when classic art deco style ruled the worlds of design and architecture. That spirit still lives in South Beach, where everything from office building to the local Walgreen’s provide inspiration for designers looking to recapture that classic deco appeal.

2. The Stars

Outside of New York and Los Angeles, you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the United States where the stars love to play. And as we all know, where the stars go, the fashion design world follows. Smart and forward-thinking designers have set up shop in Miami Beach to cater to their exclusive clientele. Todd Oldham even designed a hotel there!

3. The Weather

Ever tried showing off a strapless summer original on a January New York day? Such is the reason why designers – especially those who specialize in swimwear – love to call Miami a home base.

4. Miami Fashion Week

Every March, the giants of the fashion industry descend upon southern Florida for Miami Fashion Week. Over the years, the show has grown in size and recognition – to the point where it now lists among the giants of Paris, New York and Milan as a destination of choice for the style complex.

5. Gianni Versace

Few individuals have influenced Miami fashion quite like Versace. In 1992 the style king transformed a 1930’s art deco building into his own mansion and base of operations. Since then, he has welcomed the brightest lights of fashion and celebrity to his adopted home – turning the city into hot designer capital in the process.

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