Watch Brian Logan Dales #LetsTalkMusic Google Hang!

This was so much fun! See my #LetsTalkMuisc with Brian Logan Dales of The Summer Set below!

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Our chat with Brian Logan Dales of The Summer Set has to come an end. You can watch the chat here if you missed it or just want to see Brian in a cute beanie again.

Also be sure to check out Brian’s BUZZNET profile, all the Wake Up And Be Awsome tour info and get your tickets for Warped Tour this summer!

Check out our #LetsTalkMusic with Brian below!

If you love Brian Logan Dales as much as we do, you’ll be very excited that Buzznet is hosting a Google+ hangout with The Summer Set frontman TONIGHT Tuesday, January 29th at 5:30PM PST.

There’s still time to submit your questions in the comments below OR tweet us @Buzznet with the hashtag #LetsTalkMusic, then head over to our Google+ page to see if BLD answers your Q!

If we haven’t convinced you yet…maybe our five favorite BLD GIFs will sway your decision to watch!1.





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