Vacationer At The El Rey Theatre In LA: ‘Feeling Good As New’


Vacationer is the talented foursome, who may be from Philadelphia, but they can transport you to a tropical island with their music. And that is exactly what happened this past Monday night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. I only had to walk three blocks from home to be cast away to a warm island.

Vacationer’s Gone has been one of my favorite albums to listen to in the past year and EVERY person I share it with agrees it is special. Their music puts me in a good mood and has a unique sound that stands out among a sea of indie/electronic/pop bands. The best part about Vacationer is the sweet melodies and harmonies that feel like a lullaby. The music is romantic, beautiful and soothing—but at times also energetic and dynamic. The best example of this is the album’s title-track, “Gone.” “Gone” will make any hopeless romantic weak in the knees.

Monday night was my first experience seeing them live and I was left wanting more. The most interesting part of the set was seeing a whole new side of front man Kenny Vasoli. I have always known Kenny as the singer/bassist of one of my favorite pop/punk bands The Starting Line. Vacationer Kenny still sings and plays bass, but now he embraces the unique electronic sounds of music and dances a little! He dances with a huge smile on his face; similar to how Charlie Brown dances. And I use that reference with the best intentions. It’s infectious; genuine and it encouraged me as a fan in the crowd to join along. The set was a wonderful release and I left feeling refreshed. #musicrules.

Just a short video, to give you an idea.

Collectively the live vocals sounded just lovely as they drifted over our heads in the theater. The song “Dreamlike” was the star example of this; felt like I was dancing on a cloud. Vacationer also had images projected onto the stage to set the mood. I loved every minute of it. Like I said earlier, I only had to walk three blocks from my apartment to be swept away to a tropical island. I wish they had played a longer set and hope to see them play a headlining show soon.

Vacationer has a ton going on this year! I recommend seeing them when they come to your town and taking a listen to Gone. I also had an interview with the band before the show we will be posting later in the week.

*Thumbnail image courtesy of Erica Lauren.

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