Inspector Fashion: Trench Coats For The New Year

I don’t know about you but I’ve often entertained notions of being a wily private detective, sitting in my little office (wood floors, burgundy leather couch, multiple metal file cabinets) waiting for clients to show up while I drink from a high ball of fine scotch and lament how I’ve wasted my life while solving the seedy mysteries of shady people. This might be where I derive my affinity for trench coats, but maybe for you, it’s the fantasy of gliding through Paris at night under the soft glow of the Eiffel Tower, feeling sophisticated and chic and free. Whatever your fantasy is (even if it’s none of the above and you kind of just want a cool jacket), trench coats work with any style. They’re classy and sharp and perfect for layering, plus they have lots of pockets for shoving stuff like candy and clues in.

Click through the gallery for my top trench coat picks, and comment on your favorites. Which fantasy life will you be living out in your trench?


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