Cozy Cardigans To Curl Up In This Winter

My close friend Jayne once said that “the comfort and safety of an always-inviting couch is the plane of our friendship.” Besides demonstrating how exceedingly eloquent Miss Jayne is, this sentiment is also reflective of how much I love being comfortable. I will almost always choose pants with elastic waists over those without, and if I must wear jeans they better have so much stretch I could do the splits in them (or in my case, bend down to bottom shelf of the snack cabinet with ease). And on my team of comfy clothing, cardigans are definitely not warming the bench (because they are busy warming my arms, and also please take a moment to relish the irony in using a sports metaphor to describe clothing intended primarily for sitting around watching “Friends” reruns in). Cardigans are in my starting line-up (along with sweatpants, soft t-shirts, and full-butt underwear) because not only are they warm and easy to take on and put off, they actually look pretty good as clothing to leave the house in as well. Plus they have pockets and only sadists hate pockets.

Here is a nice round-up of a bunch of cardigans to curl up on your friendship couch in, or to wear over some jeans and a blouse out with friends, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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