Tell Me Why: Beach House

I had a discussion with a dear friend the other night about Beach House and we both agreed it’s a struggle to see what all of the buzz is about. Even a band I love Vacationer, is always mentioning Beach House and how great they are. So what does Kenny Vasoli hear that I don’t?

Because honestly, Beach House; I don’t get it.

So help me out my music loving friends.

I listened to Bloom all the way through and struggled to make it to the end. I got bored. I will admit Beach House isn’t the kind of music I am naturally drawn to. Being a pop/punk lover, Beach House didn’t’ really stand a chance. There’s nothing aggressive about it and I can’t find an anthemic hook to sing-along with. I also don’t feel anything when I listen to it. There weren’t any songs that made me hit the back button. I just cruised right through all 10 tracks.

However, I can see it as music to have playing in my room and not pay any attention to it.

“Wow, that was way harsh Ty.”


Y’all are into Beach House, so help me! What am I not hearing? I am open to all types of music and enjoy many “non-Sara” bands, like GirlsI even adore The Shins. So what am I missing here?

Maybe I am looking (and listening) at all of this the wrong way. You are all tuned into what is cool and why you love the music you love. So, tell me why I should like Beach House.

Do you like Beach House?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. #musicrules.