Swiftly In Love: What We Can All Learn From Taylor Swift

Country/pop megastar Taylor Swift is known for her honest lyrics, gorgeous locks, and of course, her famous ex-boyfriends. It’s no secret that she’s pretty ‘swift’ when it comes to dating. Some of you probably either love her or love to hate her. Either way, you can’t deny that this girl goes through boyfriends like there’s no tomorrow while the majority of us are wishing someone would just give us a glance. Ok maybe that’s just me then…

For a while there I kind of sympathized with TayTay. It’s hard finding the right person even though I didn’t personally agree with some of her boyfriend choices (John Mayer. Really?) I felt like she had a good head on her shoulders and she’ll be okay, plus who am I (or we as a society) to say who she dates? After she started dating Harry Styles of One Direction, I was just like “WHAT are you doing?!?” I know I might have been a tad bit rude about that whole situation, but then I started to realize something…and now I feel like a jackass but at least I learned something.

Here’s the thing: I adore Taylor to pieces. I don’t want her to be known for who she dates. I’d rather her reputation be solely based on her music, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Some people have even gone so far as to call her some pretty nasty derogatory names, which I don’t think is fair.

Here’s why: Taylor is fearless. Yes, that is the name of her second album, and it rings true. She may be naïve with who she gets involved with but she takes that chance even though the odds are pretty slim. To be quite honest, there were a couple of instances where I knew falling for a certain person was wrong and it would burn me in the end but I did it anyway and I’m really glad I did because now I have no regrets; no “what if’s.” She’s probably scared out of her mind while falling for these bad boys, but she does it anyway. That’s fearless. Spending your whole life wondering “what if?” isn’t the ideal way to live, in my opinion. As crazy as it sounds, taking a chance on love is a learning experience. You learn something from every bond you make or break. In Taylor’s case, it fuels her fire for writing songs, which is great for us because those are the songs we spend hours listening to, crying on the floor to and quoting on Tumblr. Her experiences that we so freely criticize, connects us. We all go through the motions. Anything that we can do to better ourselves is worth taking a chance on, but it also takes common sense to know when something is just too toxic and it’s time to walk away.

Let’s face it: a lot of us tend to become jaded at some point in our lives. We push people away because we’re afraid of getting hurt again. Truth of the matter is we don’t know Taylor’s logic for dating so many guys. We can pretend that we do but we don’t. The way I want to look at it from now on is that she’s optimistic and there’s no way I want to be that person who criticizes someone else for being hopeful ever again. As much as we unintentionally judge others (it’s like we’re programmed to do so without even thinking) how about we try to take a somewhat negative situation and turn it around into a positive? We might learn a few things about life and about ourselves.

So here’s to you, Taylor. For being fearless, honest and willing to take chances on the unexpected. Keep surprising us, and don’t stop learning.

“This love is brave and wild.”

What are your thought’s on Miss Swift’s “track record?”

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