Sunday Polyvore Style Moodboard 1/20

1. $48hm.comH&M Boots

2. $4.77 – denim hat

3. $ JEREMY SCOTT Bart Scarf

4. $190 – knitted popcorn sweater

5. $ Diptyque Roses candle

6. $ Layla Headphones

I’m currently making pumpkin vanilla waffles and berry coconut smoothies. Then I’m getting a much needed strawberry milk colored pedicure and heading up north to a Hollywood themed glamour hotel room to shoot a huge editorial. I have been shooting a lot over past few weeks, I think I’m in need of another hiatus soon. Winter is starting to wear on me a bit. As much as I love being stuck inside and getting to watch tons of brilliant movies and drink hot tea, I’m missing my nature, sun and green grass. Soon enough. Fashion week is here in about 14 days and the scramble to get everything in place is far from fun. Im trying to pull outfits and see if I need to shop at all before it arrives.

My Crystal Cactus shop is in the final stages of being complete thank God. Everything takes longer than it should. Speaking of my book with Nat Sin, it is also in the final stages of editing. I feel like Spring will be jam packed with awesome projects comming out. I’m looking into production places in NYC in March. My new line has been deisgned and ready to be released. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself and do a million things at once. I guess the journey and the ride is more important then the final outcome though. Hoping to get to LA and Miami in next few months is possible. Sunshine would do me good. I have some feng shi blogs I’m whipping up over the next week for you guys! I live my life by it and trust me, it’s something everyone should use!

current obsessions: learning to speak french, matcha smoothies, buttercream candles, valerian and hops bath oil, pink clear bags, colored hair tips, denim hats, eating raw, ballerina yoga outfits, blocking people on instagram, my cat bringing her toys into whatever room I’m in.