Madisen Beaty Style Evolution

Actress Madisen Beaty has grown up so much, it’s so crazy how time flies!! I met her when she had just finished fimling The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. It was a huge movie and Madisen had the opportunity to act alongside Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. I dressed Madisen for a bunch of events and gifting suites. She also attended my fashion week parties and we had lots of fun.

One night we attended a fashion preview for designer Lloyd Klein.To sum things up, the night ended in shambles, the fire marshalls ended up shutting down the event because the event planner put candles all over the place (who knew adding a little pizzazz to the place was such a fire hazard?!) ANYWAY, We ended up waiting in the freezing cold for valet. Thank goodness I had dressed her in a strapless wool dress!

That is a moment that always stands out when I think of our escapades in Hollywood. Seeing Madisen’s style evolution has been kind of emotional. She was so young when I met her and now she is grown into a stunning young lady. Make sure to check her out in her most recent film, The Master, she is definitely one to watch!

What look is YOUR favorite!?