The Starting Line Hint At A New Record In 2014?

The Starting Line have just wrapped up their US Say It Like You Mean It 10 Year Anniversary Tour – but is that it? Has this anniversary tour sparked an interest in making a new TSL record from a band that has been ambiguously teasing us since their hiatus in 2008?

In 2011 at the Slam Dunk Records Leeds festival, The Starting Line performed a new song title, “Luck” that was never officially released or recorded. Front man Kenny Vasoli introduced the song saying, “People keep asking us when we’re getting back together, and the answer I have is yesterday. And what happens when bands get together? They write music. So, we have a new song for you.”

And that was it; just one new song.

Well good news, aside from heading to the UK for the SILYMI10 this April — in a post on the band’s Facebook page over the New Year, TSL have revealed making a new album in the future is not out of the question. YES please! The post revealed nothing will be coming our way in 2013, but did admit a future record is something they would consider making. See screen shots below.

Vasoli is currently working on another project Vacationer, which released its debut album Gone (it’s fantstic) in 2012 and is gearing up to head out on tour with Niki And The Dove.

I think I have my first official candidate for most anticipated album of 2014 and this will become the whale that I chance until I have this record in my ears. #musicrules.

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