How To See Yourself?

Did you remember when you was a little kid? You had many dreams about future life and you wanted to be adult. Probably you lived in fairy- tale. Parents protected you and learned new experiences. Kindergarten or school was the first step to being independent. Sometimes was hard, you had tears on your beauty face but next smile and happiness was wonderful guest in your soul.

Unfortunately, some day everything was changed. The first love, kiss. You dreamed about have the best friends, and be popular. Incredible clothes, parties and something more. Living in this moment was like a Russian roulette. Many mistakes, many great days, dreams and hard work to be someone.

But you could to met so big “enemy”. He or she, like you prefer tried to get you down, destroyed everything around you. Negative thoughts wanted to burn you alive. You fought so hardly. And still you fight with it, we fight with you. How many times you felt worse?

How many times you wanted change your body? Often we think about it. Everyone wants to look so great. We looking for new methods to be like a Barbie Doll or Ken.

This photo says almost everything about thoughts today’s people. Did you know that “size” isn’t a key to happiness? Why we care about it so much?

The answer is easy. We are just element of the game called: “How To Get Big Money”. Maybe you don’t see but we breathing air full of the lies.

We are victims of commercialism. The biggest companies still think how to steal ours life. They want to control us. You can believe that big companies are so nice and good. But they think how sell the products. They don’t care about us.

The easiest way of manipulation are advertisings. We can’t be free. Ads are in every place. You want to watch your favorite movie or music video?? There is big chance that at the first will be adverts. I think that’s unfair. We should to have choose, what we prefer to see.

I’m sick of the stupid spam in my mailbox, I’m sick of the adverts with almost naked teens. You want to sell something?? Why you use to it young girls and you destroy women’s image? We aren’t the toy to gaining the money. The body isn’t product. The body it sacred place.

And the plastic surgeries. I understand that if someone feel that need should to do it. But sometimes people just losing time to it. Why these want to be plastic doll?? I don’t know. For me big shock was some situation which I watched in Polish TV one week ago. There was young women( 24years), she wanted that the doctor made her older. Why? People treats her like a young girl. The doctor didn’t agreed, and next he said that she needs more psychologist.

I think that the results of the stuffs it problems today’s teens. A few years ago their life wasn’t the same like today. Now they fight to have like best grades and the future. School is more like a forest. Who will be more strong will won everything. The weakness kids will finishing with disorders and suicide thoughts or will bullying.

We can stop this process by learning, giving good advices and support. Everyone should to know that we have to celebrate life, not destroy. The pain, hate which is around us it’s the way to end of the true civilization.

I wanted to show to show you in this way some relationship:

When we are born= we are innocent and we are addicted from parents When we growing up and going to school= we are innocent, addicted from parents and a little from advertsWhen we are teens= we are new persons, addicted from adverts When we are adult and oldest= we are addicted from kids and adverts.

Why I wrote adverts??? Just try to think how much times you buy sometimes what you saw there….