Ryan Gosling Was Supposed To Be Sixth Backstreet Boys Member!

Boy bands have made a serious comeback since the 90s, but we can’t forget one of the original ones: the Backstreet Boys! It’s been 20 years since they got together and what a 20 years its been: Kevin Richardson left the group for a few years… and then finally came back last year. Bet you didn’t know this BSB fact: Gangster Squad hunk Ryan Gosling was actually supposed to be in the Backstreet Boys! WHAAAAAT?!

It turns out the hunky actor and Backstreet Boys member A.J. McLean lived in the same apartment complex back when Ry-Gos was auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club and BSB was just getting together. Ryan was offered a spot in the group but turned it down thinking the group was just a NKOTB rip-off… OOPS! The Backstreet Boys blew up and Ryan tried calling A.J. to reconsider, but couldn’t get ahold of him. It’s safe to say that both the group and Ryan have had successful careers – but what if…?!

What do you think things would have been like if Ryan joined the Backstreet Boys?