Question Of The Day: #ThingsIGetALot

Since I just typed a hash tag into the title of a post, I feel like I drove the knife currently in the back of the English language a little deeper.


One thing that I get a lot is that people can’t believe I am 33 years old. Is it my boyish good looks? Mayhaps tis my youthful exuberance for life. I am really not sure. I kind of take it as a back handed compliment because maybe I don’t act like a proper 33 year old (whatever that means). I just can’t wait till I’m older so I can join Club 55 at Cocoa’s.


I don’t like being told that I am “weird” or that I am a “nice guy.” Those types of things ruffle my feathers. Another good one is “you don’t act gay,” which isn’t even true because once I’ve had my fair share of Appletini’s, my Fendi purse will fall out of my mouth.


What things do people tell you often about yourself? Tell us. We will not confirm nor deny. Kisses!