Question Of The Day: Do Your Pets Understand You?

If you didn’t know, I have a dog. That’s probably really strange because I always talk, write, and post things about cats. I like cats. I like them a lot, it’s just, well, they are cats. Dogs are way different.

I’m not a crazy cat lady.

Like if you walk a cat, that’s weird. If you walk a dog, that’s fine. I also think cats take their sweet time doing anything. If you want a dog to do something, you just go “Hey dog, do stuff” and it happens. Moo is pretty good at sitting on rocks and doing cuddles and being a dog.

Moo on a rock; Moo doing a cuddle.

I used to think that anyone could take care of Moo because she seems simple and doesn’t really care. That’s what I thought, anyway. Whenever I go places for a long time and she stays with friends, she gets really bad separation anxiety and she doesn’t eat as much and she gets lethargic. It’s kind of sad face. She also doesn’t listen to anyone, which is weird. I think she doesn’t like other people bossing her around.

I kind of think that Moo understands me. Not like in a SHE KNOWS ENGLISH kind of way but she’s really good at just hanging out with me when I want to do cuddles but she also knows that I need space sometimes and she chills on the end of the bed. She knows things. She knows me.

So, my question for you all is:

Do you think your pets understand you?