Question Of The Day: Mention A Date You’ll Never Forget

Direct from the world of Twitter, I bring you the #MentionADateYoullNeverForget hash tag. Yay! What did I think of when I first read this? Dates!

Mostly I thought of Date Shakes. I have never had one but I see signs for them whenever I head out towards the Salton Sea. Have you ever been to the Salton Sea? It smells like gross and everything is dying in it because there is nowhere for the salt to go. It’s tre sads. I’ve been there a few times to take pictures and every time I go there, I die a little and everything is more dead:

It’s kinda like that, but you aren’t getting the smell

Anyway, looking at date shakes makes me think of the actual “date” itself. Dates look like hissing cockroaches. Plz to enjoy the following:

Those little dudes can break it down. Look at them go! I probably just grossed you out a little.

That’s how my brain works. It goes from one thing to the other and then I forget what I was talking about in the first place. Right now, that thing would be a date I’ll never forget. I can’t really recall any particular date because everything is just starting to blur together.

I remember when I left home at the tender age of 18 and flew to Oklahoma for Basic Training. I remember getting lost in the deserts of El Paso and hiking up a mountain where I had an epiphany about my life. It’s things like that that I remember. All the things I really remember are the things that changed my thought processes and what have you. It’s strange.

Of course, I remember 9/11 and how I thought it was a dream when my dad woke me up and then I went back to sleep. Since we lived under a flight path, it was eerily quiet. That whole day was weird.

What date will you never forget?