Question Of The Day: How Did You Meet Your Bestie?

Welcome to Day Whatever of the Buzz-pocalypse! I am currently thinking about all of my life choices as I wait for an update as to when everyone will be able to post again but I am not holding my breath. If you want to start posting, drop me a note and I’ll get you squared away. That’s all I can do at the moment.

Anymews, today’s question is from the magic land of Twitter. Check out this snazzy hash tag if you want to see what they are talking about over yon’ – #HowIMetMyBestFriend

My current BFF is Moo the Dog. I don’t think I have ever loved anything so much as my pup. She is mostly the best ever. I met her when she was born. Well, not exactly. I met her post-placenta. Our old editor, Leslie Simon asked the former dude and I if we wanted a dog because her friend’s dog had pups. If they couldn’t be adopted, they would placed in a pound or something not cool.

At the time, I was on a real I WANT A DOG bender. I am not sure why. I think it’s something that happens when you are a gay and in a LTR.

The day I went to see which pup I desired is still very fresh in my brain. All of Moo’s bro-dudes and sistaz were chillin in an inflatable kiddie pool whilst doing a massive puppy pile. As I leaned in to gaze at all that cuteness, one of the dogs woke up, walked to the edge of the pool, stood on it’s hind legs, and smelled me. I picked the little dog up. I figured it was a ~*S I G N*~ that we should be BFFs. That little dog was Moo.

Moo – In Potato Shape

Moo’s full name is Potato Moo McPuppyDots. I felt weird about calling her “Potato” because my sister’s nick name is “Tater.” Leslie, our old editor, just said calling her “Moo” was fine because she had moo spots. The name stuck.

I got Moo in the dude-vorce after the dude moved to wherever because he is usually off gallivanting and what not. He wanted to keep her and I first I was all WHUTEVER THEN FINE but then it kind of sucked because he couldn’t really take care of her and she liked me more anyway. I am glad that Moo stayed with me. We are cuddle buds 4evs.

My human besties, I have like a few of them:

Randy of Pants: I met her when we used to do Burrito Project. IDK how we actually became friends. Maybe it was our love of beer and doing rad stuff. We are still friends even though we don’t hand as much anymore.

JC: No, not Jesus Christ. He’s super Mexi and he’s the dude that’s getting married in Hawaii. I’ve known him for like 10 or so years. We met through an old friend and have been friends since.

Alex: We actually met because of bikes and now we hang lots, go to bars for gays rather often, and cause general trouble. I hang with him and his BF and Moo is banned from their house because she peed in Alex’s hand.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me secrets. Go!

How did you meet your bestie?