Question Of The Day: When Was The Last Time You Were Angry?

Currently, the sky is birthing rain babies so that means that all of Los Angeles has lost its collective mind.

While I was waiting for my morning coffee and bagel-y, a car crashed into the coffee shop (sort of). There is a dip by the traffic light and I guess some bungle ran a red light, hit the dip too fast, and hopped the curb. When that happened, they somehow flew backward and hit the side of the building. It was weird. That’s usually the traffic light that I stand at when I wait to cross the light. Get it together, LA.

Since I never really get angry, it’s hard for me to answer my own question of the day. I get mad or like, pissy, but never really angry. It’s mostly brief when it happens as well. Let’s say that I am riding home on my bike and someone isn’t paying attention and I almost get hit with their dumb car. It’s usually stuff like that.

I would be mad if someone made me wear that sweater. Actually, I wouldn’t but still.

When was the last time you were angry? Why? What happened? Talk to me boo.