Question Of The Day: If You Could Get Paid To Do Anything, What Would It Be?

When I was small and not allowed on certain amusement park rides due to height restrictions, I remember wanting to be whatever Indiana Jones was, a veterinarian, and a run away hobo. While I am dangerously close to being the third, anything that required a lot of school and being of a more favorable socioeconomic situation that didn’t demand me paying my bills immediately kind of scrapped the first two. I mean, who’s going to pay for all those excursions to far away countries as I steal artifacts and come perilously close to death? Who I say?!

Indie I love you!

Right now, whilst I am happy to have health insurance (and trust me, it is SO worth it to have that), I can’t help but question what I am doing with my life choices. Also, since everything is broken right now, I have a lot of free time on my hands to think about EVERYTHING. What if I could be paid to do something like whittle soap into minature sea creatures? What if I could actually get paid to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones (minus the whole cement ball thing)? WHAT IF?

I am curious to know what you all would want to be paid to do. Like, what is the most ridiculous thing you think you could get paid to do? What if you were a matress tester and you got paid to sleep? You would be living the life. You could probably write off bed sore cream as a work expense, right?

If you could get paid to do anything, what would it be and why?