What Not To Do Online: Justin Bieber Edition

Justin Bieber shocked (and probably excited a few) fans over the weekend when he posted a photo of his pop-star plumber butt to his Instagram.

While Justin thought it was funny in the moment and received over 86,000 likes, it was taken down soon after.

Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun took to Twitter to explain the photo, leading us to believe it was a simple prank taken a little too seriously.

“as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only makes sense. #crackdealer

Situations like this can get you in hot water and no one wants to suffer from a celeb size slip up. Online might feel like an Internet free-for-all, but beware! You don’t know who’s watching!

Here are 5 things you should never do on the World Wide Web:

1. Post Racy Photos

You may get wrapped up in a moment, but even when you think you’ve deleted the photo, someone could have already taken a screenshot of it. I mean, seriously…look at Justin Bieber, if we ever forget, we can always find a pic of his butt. LOLz.

2. Start A Fight

Starting beef with someone online may seem like the thing to do, after all, celebs do it all the time, right? Wrong! Starting fights with someone online is a cowardly thing to do and can land you in heaps of trouble. A better way to handle the situation: address the issue in person in a calm and rational manner.

3. TMI

Too much information is never a good idea on the World Wide Web. Information like your social security number, phone number and address should never be shared publicly online – you never know who can get a hold of your info!

4. Complain About Friends, Teachers or Bosses

The Internet may seem like a good place to vent and get some support, just be careful because anything can be found online. That tweet about how much you dislike your teacher/boss? If found by the wrong people it can taint your reputation in some severe ways!

5. Sharing Drama

Much like complaining and TMI, sharing drama is another thing you should never do online. Even if it can’t be traced back to you, people will know you as “the one with the drama” which isn’t a title anyone wants to wear.

What’s the number one thing you think someone should never do online?