Music On, World Off: “Cactus In The Valley” by LIGHTS

Welcome to a brand new segment I like to call Music On, World Off. Keepin’ it fresh in 2013. 😉

Music On, World Off is basically me telling you guys about a certain song I’m infatuated with while attempting to attach some moral story behind it. Enjoy! 🙂

One album I’ve been playing nx since its October 2011 release is Siberia by LIGHTS. Every song on that album holds a special place in my heart but “Cactus In The Valley” has been my go-to song for bad days. It’s basically about falling down and making mistakes but sometimes while you’re in the midst of those mistakes, people are judging you on your character; sometimes those people are the ones closest to you and while it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad person, you can’t help but feel like one. “Cactus In The Valley” is a plea to those you may have hurt along the way to just bear with you.It holds some of my favorite lyrics in a song ever and I find myself relating to it every time I find myself in unfortunate situations. I’m only human, right?

“Wipe the mark of madness from my face. Show me that your love will never change. If my yesterday is a disgrace, tell me that you still recall my name.”

What songs can you relate to at the moment?

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