Monthly Must See Movies For January

I’m such a movie nerd, I have been my whole life. I could spend every afternoon at the cinema and be content! There is something about paying $10, smelling the old style popcorn, grabbing a cup of tea and escaping into someone else’s world for a few hours that is so special to me! Not to be confused with wanting to escape my own life, I think of it more as a break from our own existance for a short while!

I see so many movies and have such a specific pallet for films. I need ones that will keep me thinking days after and leave me feeling different. If not for that then why even waste your time?

Im going to be posting my monthly movie list the first week of every month of my favorites I have seen the weeks before!

Below are my MUST SEE recommendations. Each one left a lasting impact on me!

1. Anna Karenina – Story of forbidden love love set in the late 1800’s in Russia. Keira Knightley is perfect and makes you feel for her character then entire film and Aaron Johnson could not be more attractive. This is filmed so different than most movies and it captures the true essence of the time.

2. Silver Linning’s Playbook – This movie still has me thinking about all the synchronicities of life. How everything falls into place, even when things seem like rock bottom there is always always a silver linning to every situation. Jennifer Lawrence is such a babe and how can you not love her in anything? She inspired me to purchase some new ballet shoes, I had been holding off on. This was filmed and took place in my home town of Philly so it held an extra special place in my heart. But trust me, you will not regret this film. I knew nothing about it when I went to see it, the trailer does it NO justice. If I saw the trailer before, I probably would of had no interest in the film.

3. Cloud Atlas – I wanted to see this SO bad when it was in theaters and no one would go with me. My friend was able to find me a version online and let me tell you it is LIFE CHANGING. I loved this film so much. It is about our soul groups throughout life and different reincarnations. It kinda explains why you meet certain people and make such a strong conection with them in minutes. Like you have known them for decades or eons and ages.

4. Les Miserable – To be perfectly honest, I’m not one for musicals and didn’t really know the story that well. The first half of the movie I was kinda so so on it. By the end I was estatic about how beautiful it was and the story was told perfect. Just an overall breath taking experience. Musical lover or not, this is a cinematic masterpiece!