Let’s Talk About That One Part Of Fandom: Supernatural

While I am not a total n00b to the world of Supernatural, I am new enough to not remember most of the first season. I remember watching it when it first aired way back whenever that was because the premise of the show seemed awesome enough and the Winchester brothers are kind of hot. Mostly my friend that is just now starting to watch the show and I send each other images of Dean becase we can’t with his face and then we make fun of Sam because well, stuff like this:

:: D I E I N G ::

If you aren’t keen to what this show is about, it can briefly be surmised as a show about ghost/demon hunting, the exploration of urban legends, and the Winchester Brothers riding around in a bad ass Impala as they get into shenanigans. It is also so much more but I am not really going to get into that because I want to talk about something else.

BUGS: And thus began, in my mind anyway, the origin of things we’ll get to in a second

I totes have the hawts for the Dean Winchester. He’s like, a dream. Nevermind what type of dream, just know that he appears in mine often and there are picnics. Sam is cute but we don’t do that here. Dean is strangely rugged and totes alpha and there is something about him that is just, in the words of my fellow gays: WOOF.

Eat your breakfast!

How handsome is that face? I mean really now. JFC it’s not even fair. Also, that is an actual line in the show. No one is making that up.

So that happened ^^

And then the internet happens, and this is where things get a little weird because well, there is this part of the fandom that ships Dean and Sam. That’s right, they ship Dean and Sam, as in they write fics (slash) about the two Winchester Brothes being together and doing things. What type of things? YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW BUT HERE’S A LITTLE PEEK (like the peek that Dean is having at Sam as he works out LOLOLOL):

Yep. You just read that.

So mostly, if you haven’t guessed what I am talking about right now, I am talking about Wincest (and I can’t imagine that you would know unless you’re already involved in this or on Tumblr a lot). You can go ahead and take a stab at the mash up that that word is. You can see where I am going with this. I am not going to bash whatever anyone wants to write about because well, it’s fiction. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s any less weird but it gets so much weirder and I am not going to get into all the things that people ship with this show. If you want to get your Wincest on, go ahead and head on over to Sinful Desire. You can make up your own mind.

Oh and there’s Fan Art

JSYK, this is a rather tame work. The things I have seen on the Tumblr Wincest Tag Page cannot be unseen. I am not even going to link you to all of that because reasons. You can find that yourself and I can’t really be held accountable for that. It gets SO. MUCH. WORSE.

Pretty much the proper and most acceptable response of people that ship Dean & Sam

If you watch Supernatural at all, you can’t help noticing the intense AF looks that the two brothers give each other time and time again. It’s no wonder that people ship them. Personally, I don’t and they aren’t my OTP or anything but that doesn’t mean that I am not looking at fan art during the later hours of the evening. I think it’s more a curiosity for me than anything and it’s sort of hot but then my brain is all BUT THEY’RE BROTHERS while my other brain is all LOL ONLY ON TV SO W/E. And so I have this conflict where I am full of feels and OMG WHAT AM I ADMITING HERE IDEK.

But they’re brothers tho

I would really like a comprehensive study of the types of people writing this slash because mostly from scouring the internet, the type of people that I see shipping Dean & Sam kind of make me wonder just what’s happening in the world. It happens. It’s part of the fandom. It’s part of a lot of fandoms.

manip on Tumblrnets – One of the not sexy time ones

Here we are at the end of things where I kind of tell you that I would totally ship Wincest but I don’t want to be creepy yet I also can’t deny that the the Winchester Brothers are hot. We are also at the point where you tell me your thoughts on this and if you ship these two. If you have any thoughts about Supernatural, feel free to share. This is a no judgement zone, btw.

What do you think about this ship?