LETS HEAR IT ALREADY! Kat Von D Teases Us With New Music (VIDEO)

Kat Von D, tattoo artist, reality star, fashion designer, makeup mogul, and…singer? The recently engaged bad-a has been alluding to the fact that she has been working on some sweet sweet music as of late:

Listen. For reasons I can’t explain, I find Kat interesting. I think it’s cool that she has turned tattooing into a mainstream thing that people talk about. I think it’s cool that she turned being a on a low level reality show into being a millionaire mogul. What I DON’T think is cool, is her Lana Del Rey/seagull caught in a wind turbine style of singing. Although, according to her Instagram she’s been working with the likes of Ryan Adams and Linda Perry which in most cases is a good thing.

What do you guys think? Would you listen to her record?

Here are some instagrams of Kat talking about recording music: