Let’s Agree to Just Disagree

There have been people in my life lately that try to tell me what I should like, think about, believe in, do, etc.. I’m pretty sure most people have had a person in their life one time or another that has done this. People that do this drive me absolutely insane and they are know as what most people call “controllers”. I can not stand controllers because they always try to change and form people into what they think people should be based on their own beliefs and oppinions.

People that are controllers need to understand that we were all created with our own mind, which gives everyone the right to form their own beliefs and opinions. Miranda Lambert says it best in her song Only Prettier “Let’s agree to just disagree”. Just because someone has a different opinion or belief about something doesn’t mean you need to change it. Just accepet it and move on. Thats what makes life so beautiful and interesting, because there are so many different people with so many different beliefs and opinions on life. Just take a moment and think about how boring the world would be if everyone was the exact same. Just let people be who they want to be, whether it comes to their views on life or what they wear.

Take a moment and think about it if you are trying to controll someone in your life because if you are you need to stop! Nobody has respect for controllers and they drive people up the wall crazy! And if you are being controlled by someone in your life, help them to aknowladge what they are doing and how they make you feel when they try to controll you. And if they continue trying to controll you, just cut them out of your life, as simple as that.

Remember to always be yourself and never be afraid to have a different outlook on life than someone else. And most importantly, remember that it is NEVER okay to let someone controll your opinion and view on life.