Kat Dennings Is Hanson’s Newest Video Girl!

As much as we love watching Kat Dennings on her hilarious CBS show, 2 Broke Girls, it’s still not enough for us! The 26-year-old actress will be coming back for more in the upcoming Thor 2, but until then, we will be able to see more of Kat in the form of a music video! No, she hasn’t started a musical career (that we know of, anyway) – she’s appearing in an upcoming music video for ’90s pop-band Hanson!

As a longtime Hanson fan, Kat lived out her childhood dream of being in their video on January 6th and was joined by Twilight‘s Nikki Reed. Kat’s good friend Taylor Hanson posted the following photo of him with Kat and Nikki on his Instagram:

If you could star in your favorite band’s music video, which band and what song would it be?