James Franco Reveals He Wants To Be Ashley Benson’s Boyfriend

Since Ashley Benson broke up with Justin Bieber‘s BFF Ryan Good to hook up with Spring Breakers co-star James Franco, there’s been a feud between Ash, James and Justin – and it’s about to get worse! James posted a hilarious new video on WhoSay January 7th, a music video to the Biebs’ song “Boyfriend,” with James posing as the pop phenom! Donning his best Bieber wig, James lip-syncs along to the track, singing it to his rumored girlfriend Ashley. Zing!

James has since deleted the video from his WhoSay account, but what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet… forever! While the full video is a bit too racy for Buzznet, you can check it out on YouTube.

What did you think of the video? Whose rendition of the video do you like better: Justin’s or James’?