You Heard ‘Em Here First: Gentlemen Hall

If you follow my blog regularly, you might remember me raving about Gentlemen Hall. In fact, they were the first band I ever featured for Artist Of The Month last year!

GH are about to take the world by storm! Their new single, “Sail Into The Sun,” looks like it could be the big one for them! “Sail Into The Sun” is currently in a Samsung Smart Camera commercial and the song also hit #1 on the Hypem Twitter chart!

Gentlemen Hall are currently working on putting the finishing touches on their debut album due out this year! Check out “Sail Into The Sun” below and there’s even a free download! It’s also available on iTunes here. Support these gentlemen!

Sail Into The Sun (Album Cut) by Gentlemen HALL

Don’t forget, you heard em’ here first! 😉

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