Garbage Head Back Into The Studio

I came across this tasty tidbit of information last night. I sure hope it’s true because it’s definitely the best news I’ve heard all week!

Dears, darklings and little bones: Garbage has started working on their sixth studio album!!!

The band, who just last year released their first studio album in 7 years, Not Your Kind Of People, are set to lay down tracks for their follow up album this year. Drummer/producer Butch Vig told Rolling Stone: “We’re gonna do some recording in January, early February.” Singer Shirley Manson later added: “The good thing now is we don’t even need to think in terms of an album, so we’re just thinking in terms of new music, which actually really works in our favor,” singer Shirley Manson tells Rolling Stone. “Historically, we’ve worked slow because we’ve toured so much – we go and spend a year making a record, then we go back out on the road. Now we realize we can do two or three tracks, release these tracks and then go on the road.”

New album AND a new tour? I’ll be first in line!!

Are you excited for a new Garbage album?

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