Bye Bye 2012. Welcome 2013 // First Gallery Of The Year

So here I am, 2013 is definitely started and I really hope this will be such an awesome year for me and for all the people I love and also for all of you, my Buzznet family.

I celebrated New Year Eve with my parents and had a lovely dinner at Japanese restaurant. We ate such yummie stuff and in the end we got a Japanese calendar 2013 and their typical mini towel :p

Around 11:30pm we went in the beautiful square of our city waiting new year (the restaurant is just on the seashore like the square) and then fireworks show started after the usual countdown (obviously I expressed my wish for this new year) and we enjoyed fireworks and cheered with Coke ehehe and panettone 😛

Once at home, my mom and I wanted to dance a bit and we rocked with Gangnam Style, Nicki Minaj’s and other songs.

Around 2:30am we went to sleep and today, January 1, 2013 had a lunch with Virginia, Matteo, Susy and Danilo here at home and as an Italian quote says: what you do the first day of the year you are going to do for the whole year. It’s a sort of good omen wish to spend such a lot of time with these people that are part of my family since I feel them like uncles and aunts because I really really love them.

I definitely spent an amazing New Year 🙂

What about you?

Enjoy this little gallery with fireworks and nommy food

Happy 2013!!!!