Finding Peace When You Feel Scared

Came across this great article thought you guys might be able to take something from it!

Finding Peace When You Feel Scared About What Might Happen

Limbo is not a bad place.

Instead of getting yourself all charged up about how a situation may or may not turn out, get comfortable in the space of not knowing. If you are someone who likes to know or control everything, this may be difficult to do—which is perfect. You now have an opportunity to see how good you can become at handling uncertainty.

Try not to worry.

Worrying is useless. It serves absolutely no purpose. The only time you can make a difference in your life is now. The past is gone & the future hasn’t happened yet. Don’t use your present time worrying about things you can’t control.

Make no mistake, planning is not worrying. Planning is when you lay down the steps needed to create a desired future. Worrying is when you stress out about something that has happened or hasn’t happened yet.

Instead of worrying, meditate, practice gratitude, become still, listen to your soul, & surround yourself with love.

Nothing is permanent.

Nothing is permanent! Days become nights, the fall becomes the winter, babies are born, elders pass away, & wounds heal.

Whether you are sick, have a broken heart, or are just not in life where you want to be, know that whatever your predicament is, it will pass. Your life is not falling apart; it is falling into place. Your job is to take the pieces & put them together in a way that fulfills the highest expression of yourself.

It is okay to be afraid.

It doesn’t mean that you are weak. It takes a strong person to admit their fear. Sometimes acknowledging your fear can help you move past it enough to take the next step in your process, whatever that may be.

Maybe you want to start a business. Maybe you want to go back to school. Maybe you want to confront someone. Maybe you want to forgive them. Say “I’m afraid” & then get about the business of creating the life you want.

Surround yourself with love.

Let those close to you know what is going on in your life & how you feel about it. There is no need to carry the weight of a challenge on your own. Sometimes hearing others talk can shed light on what would otherwise be a bleak situation.

Take care of yourself.

Rest when you need to. Cry when you need to. Talk when you need to. Pray when you need to. And laugh when you need to.

You are always going to be okay.

As long as you know that you are more than the stuff you own, more than what you think, more than the physical body you reside in, you are going to be okay, whether the predicament ends in the way that you want it to or not.