Evolution Of Paramore Single Artwork: From Then To ‘Now’

Paramore have revealed the artwork for their forthcoming single, “Now” on the band’s official site. Take a look below.

In contrast to their previous artwork, “Now” has different look – and from a recent Rolling Stone interview with Hayley Williams and Taylor York, this album might be a different sound as well. Taylor told the site, “I don’t think we knew that we were going to write super poppy songs or dance-y songs, but it just kind of happened. It was really scary, but it was really cool.”

I am so thrilled to hear what these three have been cooking up over the past two years. In case you missed it, the band posted this preview of “Now” to get your excitement up. “Now” will be available on iTunes January 22nd, 2013.

Take a look back at all of Paramore’s single artwork from the very beginning to “Now”.

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