DSDS 10th Season – Episode Two Recap

So yesterday, DSDS episode two was broadcast on RTL and even though I had few problems with streaming link in the beginning and I’ve lost the first 10 minutes, I just re-watched the episode and I’m ready to write a little recap about what happened. Are you ready?

So as in the first episode we had really hilarious moments where the twins couldn’t restrain themselves from laugh but fortunately we had few talents too, because judges are searching for them and not for silly contenstant.

If you wanna watch the whole episode, just click HERE [thanks RTL.de]

So let’s go.

The episode starts with a little clip about what we’re going to see in the next hour. They picked up the heavy metal lover casting hahah one of the best moments!

Can Baygin (26) is the first contestant. He has 13 headphones and one hat, this is what he says, well probably is something we are not interested but it’s ok. His myth is Michael Jackson and please, you can’t call Michael Jackson because I’m foreseeing what you are going to do in your audition.

Can has a tic and Dieter doesn’t waste time to copy him and poking fun on hahahah

Guess? Can wants to perform with headphones (yeah once again, after Machete, it’s Can’s turn)

[If you wanna to check only his hilarious performance click HERE]

Can thinks he will do a great performance and make an agreement with Dieter but unfortunately he didn’t keep it and it’s pretty funny to see how judges poking fun on him saying he’s good and Tom also adds: “very good, for me it’s a yes!” XD at a some point, Bill cuts his performance repeating several time: “Danke, danke!” (thanks) for stopping him but he doesn’t listen because of the headphones. Finally he removes them and Dieter says him to sing without them but it’s not a good thing as well and judges send him home.

Lisa Wohlgemuth (20) is the second one.

[If you wanna to check only her performance click HERE]

She comes with a good portion of humor to her audition (singing “Price Tag” by Jessie J) and warmly dances too.

All this positivity gets her the RECALL but in a little preview clip of Recall we can notice she’s not so good and probably she will not pass the next session.

Julian Schreier (21) is already secretly observed by the jury in the dressing room and Dieter exclaims a “wow”.

[If you wanna check only his performance click HERE]

Since the smart student already reaped first advance laurels, in casting, he sings on different songs unfortunately without success, even though Dieter gives him the chance to sing the song heard in the dressing room, it’s not enough. He didn’t get RECALL.

Dieter says there wasn’t strength during his performance and even though the second chance was better than the first one (for Mateo and also for the other judges), it’s a NO.

And now one of the funniest part of the episode.

Louis from Hamburg wants to enjoy the judges with “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias played at the piano but it doesn’t seem a great performance and Dieter pokes fun on him about his way to play the piano beating the heys and also when he sings without the piano, Dieter wheezes just like the contestant did. OMG XD

So, it’s Martin turn and I love the way he introduced himself: “I’m Martin and I’m oaf and quick!” Tom thinks about what he said and then starts to laugh hahahaha

Since he’s quick, Dieter advices him to run back and forth the stairs and Martin does it HAHAHA

Meanwhile other bad contestants make losing time to our judges.

“Sorry” says Mateo to a contestant with the glasses and Dieter says to a girl she hasn’t feeling in what she sings.

But come back to Martin. After his running he can sing but it’s a NO.

Dieter: it’s a shit!

It’s time to listen someone really has the talent and this is Tim David Weller (20)

[If you wanna check out only this performance click HERE]

Tim writes his own lyrics and composes melodies. The songwriting is his valve so he can give his feelings best expressed. He tells to be beated (and also his mom) by her dad and the song in the background (Read All About It performed by Emeli Sande and written by Professor Green who had the same problem) is perfect for describing his bad life’s moment.

He also says to living for his mom.

“I won’t let you go” by James Morrison is his song’s choice.

I really love his sand voice and his soul’s vein. Definitely a great audition.

Bill says him to be really musical and Tom adds the performance was really really good. Dieter is surprised by him and Tim thanks them saying “I love you”. How cute!

He definitely got the RECALL.

Hahahah I’m already laughing because I know what to expect about this part.

It’s time to a few heavy metal in the show hahahah

Michael Dekert (24) is a heavy metal lover and when he introduces himself Bill and Tom are pretty shocked and then start to laugh hahahah

[If you wanna to check only his funny performance, click HERE]

Dieter asks him if he knows is a pop show hahaha but he’s really focused on heavy metal, he also concentrates for get a better performance on “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath but it doesn’t work as well hahahah his friend walks on stage too for accompanies him with the “guitar” and the audition is even more hilarious and shocking.

Tom says it was funny but it’s not enough and hell yeah, it was definitely clear hahahaha

Quendresa Grainca (23) is another contestant. She loves singing and dancing and DSDS is her dream.

Mateo and Tom has few problem pronouncing her name hahaha what kind of name is Quendresa?

[If you wanna to check only her horrible performance, click HERE]

Seriously, I thought she could has a great voice but I was wrong, definitely horrible even though she recognizes to have a higher voice than others. Ok, it’s enough to be convinced about own habilities and you will go on XD

Bill says she’s not musical (also a deaf noticed it HAHAHA)

I still have to understand all her movements with the arms, oh Lordy!

Tina Indersone (21) lernt the German in a month, the time she is in this country. Damn, please tell how did you do!

[If you wanna to check only her performance, click HERE]

Dieter: “You [Bill] are a fashion expert in the jury, please tell us your opinion about her outfit”

Bill says in his opinion wasn’t a great combination but just for me.

Tina sings “Purple Rain” by Prince with the piano and in the end few ex contestants of DSDS applaude her. She was great!

Bill heard a lot of feeling in her and for Tom was super.

She got RECALL.

Just few minutes till the end of the show and we have the pleasure to watch three great performances. The first lady, Joanna, receives compliments by Dieter saying she has a great voice, then it’s the turn of a boy singing “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars and in the end a brunette girl, also both got RECALL.

So that’s all for this episode.

Don’t forget to watch the third episode on Saturday 12 always on RTL.

Which is your favorite performance/moment?

Favorite photos from DSDS’s episode two HERE