DSDS 10th Season – Episode Six Recap

In this episode we see the last casting highlights and there are just few chance to get RECALL.

[If you wanna watch the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Mateusz Kowalczyk (19) tells this is his dream and also that his family is glad about his voice.

When he start to sing, Mateo does anything: turn around with the chair, play with Tom and wanna beat his head on the desk, well I couldn’t be disagree with him since Mateusz is off key and Dieter doesn’t understand why his family and his friends think his voice is good. Ok, the family support is good but when you go at an audition you have to be sure you can get something of good from it and this is not his case.

Marcello Held (24) came with his sister and he says he can sing over 100,000 songs but the problem is that you don’t remember artists and/or the title of the songs.

But even though he gets RECALL isn’t seem so happy and start to say stuff with a rude tone and also during RECALL this side will come back. I think he’s a bit (a lot) confused.

Bojan Odjakow (19) comes to DSDS dedicating a song to his dog passed away two years ago because of cancer and Bill tells also his 13 years old dog (Scotty) has the same illness L Poor Scotty!

For Dieter the guy could be a clown because his facial mimic hahaha

Bojan’s parents were ballet dancers at Freidrichstadt’s palace. WOW!

Even though his audition seems good, Dieter thinks he didn’t come in the right feeling of the song since it’s dedicated to his passed away dog, so he changes songs.

Bill heard a positive energy and Mateo thinks he’s a good entertainer and for this reason he gets RECALL.

Christina Elsner (27) says Daniel Kublbouck changed her life. Maybe is he a ex-candidate of DSDS? And her favorite colour is pink. OMG, really? I didn’t understand though you are completely pink-dressed! HAHAH

Bill and Tom, obviously, started to laugh so hard and her performance is so hilarious.

The DSDS voice over calls her “Miss Piggy” and she also sings on “We Are The World” changing all the voices, she’s CRAZY! HAHAHA of course, the judges say her four “no” even though it was a funny scene XD

Fatmir Seferaj (21) which already won a singing competition wanna have a chance also in DSDS. “Ain’t No Sunshine” is his song choice but his voice isn’t so good. The same some was picked up in 2009 by Daniel Schumacher, 6th DSDS edition winner, during a live performance. Dieter calls Daniel and the boy sings the song once again, definitely he has a great voice and then Dieter wants Fatmir sings just moving his mouth while Daniel sings on him, soooo playback! It’s another NO, obviously. Bye Bye Fatmir.

Jennifer Warren (19) probably is one of my favorite at the moment. She’s cute and has a great voice. Her father (which she has seen the last time, 13 years ago) is American while her mother is German. Dieter asks her if she has a boyfriend and she answers: no.

Her song choice is “I Break My Heart”, Dieter is shocked, probably he had horrible experiences in the past with that song and tells her it’s a difficult song but Jennifer shows to have a great voice and she gets RECALL.

Before the last contestant, there’s a little (big) boobs zone. Well, the whole jury is formed by men so it’s pretty obvious to focus on boobs and talk about that and Tom doesn’t waste time saying Bill loves big boobs, the one once you take out the bra they fall hahahaha

By the way, the last one is Kevin Dukes, age? Unknown. Maybe he’s immortal haha he’s the star of each Karaoke bar and yeah, his voice is good. He gets RECALL with James Morrison’s “You Give Me Somethin’”

Which is your favorite performance/moment?