DSDS 10th Season – Episode Seven Recap

In this episode we’re gonna see the first phase of RECALL, in Bad Driburg (Germany).

[If you wanna watching the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

A little recap shows us what happened in the previous episodes and a few of the candidates which got the RECALL card but this is not the end. They have to prove to be the right one to go in Caribbean and get a place in live shows.

Dieter and the other judges welcome the remained acts to RECALL and also they introduce Joachim, Madeleine and Oliver which will be the vocal coaches of the contestants in this part of the show.

So good luck everyone and let’s go!

Tom calls four acts (damn, how cute is he?!?!?): Laura, Chiara, Gilbert and Agustina. They have to prepare “In Love With The World” with vocal coach and then perform in front of the judges. Laura is nervous and when they had to sing she forgets the words and so the other three.

Damn, you have to prepare an only one song and you forget the words? Seriously I really don’t know what to say, what they thought? It’s a hard work to do and not: oh ok, I got RECALL and I’m safe until live show.

Bill proposes to Laura to get the text and singing with it but it seems it’s not enough since also the others have the text in their hands but they continue to forget.

So where’s the problem? Judges take time to talk among us. That the problem is the fact Laura is French-German? The four acts are pretty nervous and once the jury decided they come back on stage.

Bill says they also became fans of few of us and for this reason he wants to give a second chance to Laura while for the other three the journey ends here. Agustina doesn’t seem agree and start to express her thoughts but Bill interrupts her saying: it’s not the moment to discuss. The girl starts to sing too but it’s useless and she has to leave the show.

Laura sings “Because Of You” after Tom said her to concentrate and have fun.

Bill also sings along aww I love him and then says to be happy to have fought for her and now she’s been able to convince also the other jury’s members and she gets Caribbean’s RECALL!

Now Ricardo and Jennifer are the next one. Ricardo reminds to already have sung in a duet in the past editions and it wasn’t so good but maybe this time is different.

Dieter tells him to be lucky to have a wonderful partner, yeah, Jennifer is really beautiful and also a great singer. “Use Somebody” is the song choice and Ricardo plays the piano too.

I really really liked this performance and both get Caribbean’s RECALL.

What do you think about Bill’s choice?