DSDS 10th Season – Episode Four Recap

I wanna apologize with all of you for the late but I had few pc problems so I hope you are a bit patient about the DSDS episodes reviews since I still have to watch two episodes and then when I have a bit of time I’m going to review them 🙂

So this is what happened on the 4th episode of January 16.

[For to watch the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

This is the 10th season and over 270,000 candidates had an audition and only a few had the occasion to get live show and just 10 have won the show. In this 10 years, 12 million of singles has been sold and 23 songs reached #1 in German charts.

But let’s see our first acts: Haroon Mohammadi and Fahrad Mehdiyan (both 20 from Mannheim, they are there for 2 years).

DSDS is Haroon’s dream and both of them love Dieter and for them is like a king.

And yeah, “Alle lieben Dieter” or almost… In a little video we can see how contestants of the past seasons appreciated Dieter’s thoughts hahaha plus guess which kind of song the two wanna sing? Cheri Cheri Lady, a song already heard in the previous edition but that has a sort of bad karma.

Mateo’s reaction is to die for, he starts to laugh and he waves some sheets of paper because he starts to feel hot hahahaha OMG!!!!

It’s pretty clear that they don’t get the RECALL.

Sarah Joelle Jahnel (22) is the second one.

She loves to go to partys and have fun, she already appeared on several German magazines.

Ok, I permit something: wearing tight leather pants, a top and a pseudo pair of Litas doesn’t make you a diva, the outside look counts but sometimes it’s not enough so let’s see what’s happen and you will understand why I’m so agree with Tom.

Bill goes beside her and shows her his stunning shoes, they are AWESOME!

“I thought it was worse but she didn’t suck at all! For me it’s a yes, you are crazy!” says Dieter and also Mateo and Bill seem to be agree but Tom doesn’t. “In general we are always agree but with you…” he starts to say “Not only vocally I didn’t find her audition good but she was cheesy and she really pissed me off!”

By the way, she’s the 1000th candidate to get the RECALL, well I think the flowers and the confettis were a little bit too much in my opinion.

So, as I said not only get RECALL and this is the case of the next candidates which have to come back home.

Beatrice Egli (24) from Switzerland. She had her first performance at 9 years old.

She sings a Helena Fischer song and for her DSDS is a hope for who loves music and even though in a fist moment it seems she didn’t impressed judges she receives the RECALL.

Jason Geitner (16) which did a stage as carpenter, over to play guitar he’s also a biker.

Dieter is impressed about his voice since in the beginning seemed he was a girl vocal but apart this he passes to RECALL and in the end gets Dieter his helmet. So cute!

Ok probably one of the funniest parts of the show so far: the contestants in the dressing room before their audition do the weirdest thing ever probably because they don’t know to be shoot HAHAHAH

Erotic model, stripper and admin of an erotic website, Nicole Diana (29) from Moldavia want to impress the jury with her weird tattoos and a guitar version of Bob Dylan’s “Blowin In The Wind”. Of course she has a lot of talents – sarcasm – but this is not enough.

Uwe Waker (23) from Heidelberg is for the fifth time in front of DSDS jury.

Hahah OMG, he greets the judges saying: “Hello Dieter, hello half of Tokio Hotel and hello Culcha Candela singer” and Mateo: “My name is Mateo” hahaha poor guy XD

Uwe sings really clear but it’s not on key at all and he doesn’t get RECALL but he wants to thank Dieter and he shows to the Poptitan a his cd.

Ricardo Schwartz (21) is the last act for this episode.

Mateo asks him about a tattoo and Ricardo says it’s a poem dedicated to God.

He impressed the judges with his soul and groove vocal, they are totally speechless, and even though he makes a little mistake in the beginning, Dieter shows is thumb up for the contestant: well done! He gets RECALL.

Which is your favorite performance/moment?