DSDS 10th Season – Episode Five Recap

Mega episode. Two hours of DSDS casting highlights. A lot of contestants: great voices, usual weird acts and second chances.

Let’s see what’s happened on DSDS episode 5.

[If you wanna check the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Berlin is the castings home and we have a little recap of what happened in the previous episodes plus a little preview about what we are going to see in the next weeks with Recall episodes.

Denis Roland Martin (17) is the first candidate and in his introducing video, as usual, Mateo is forgot, poor man, I’m so sorry for him, nobody reminds of him but he’s so nice!

I have to say: I love the little curiosity-line under the contestants name, sometimes what they tell us are so ridiculous and definitely no-interesting but by the way, if you want to know Denis worked as Christmas elf hahah.

Denis is immediately object of Dieter’s jokes, the boy has a weird voice, a bit cheesy and Dieter asks him if it’s really its one and then asks if he can talk with the bass voice, oh Lordy XD

Then Denis dances buahahaha obviously Bill and Tom laugh, it’s impossible don’t do it!

He sings “As Long As you love me” and “Billionaire”. Personally I preferred him during Billionaire. He picks “Just The Way You Are”, please stop him hahaha Mateo stayed fascinated by him even though Bill and Tom don’t like him in Bieber song, yeah agree. By the way Denis got RECALL.

Laura Kleinas is a French-German 17 years old girl. Her dream man has to touch her soul, wow really deep! She’s a Dieter fan, DAMN! Just like Simon for X Factor haha she came to audition with her mom and her 20 years old sister. Laura sings “La vie rose” by Edit Piaf, Dieter says to Bill: so sweet! And the sister moved and also when the judges express their opinion and give her the RECALL, the sister seems more happier than Laura. Mateo greets her like a gentleman, hahaha I love Mateo XD

It’s time for Mr.Bombastic hahaha Michael Popov (28) says that with his great body he will be the DSDS winner. Wait, but what’s the connection between to have a great body and to win DSDS?

Michael says the women loves his body, ehm ok, if that women are happy, it’s ok hahaha

It’s definitely horrible in dancing hahaha the editing rocks once again and also the singing is really bad. Is he kidding? Party Shaker what?

Mateo compliments with Michael’s abs saying: Respekt! Hahaha

As I said abs aren’t enough so bye bye XD

Funny moment – 10 years song quiz.

A hilarious video with the worst auditions ever. Try to guess the song, I definitely couldn’t! Try to guess “Apologize”, this is the prove that people can ruin masterpieces.

Simona is the next act. She stays three hours for walking down the stairs -.-“ she sings or I should say: she tries to? At the piano, but she’s off-key, she forgets chords and plus her way to playing the piano isn’t brilliant. If she can play the piano, I can too! Mateo says her to be nervous in the beginning but then she did better. Mh, not at all in my opinion. She gets RECALL (no comment).

Dancing part with few girls and some of them get RECALL. Mateo will be also the pole for one of them. You rock man hahaha

Erwin Kintop (17) is the next one and it’s amazing how twins thought his name was Alvin, Alvin and the chipmunks buahahaha he picked a Bieber’s song, but ok he sang good (with the guitar). His parents were Opera-singers so the music is inside his veins. Judges say he put a lot of feeling inside the song and so he gets RECALL.

Gabriele Blasi (17) is an Italian-German boy (his mom talks in Italian, haha the only one part I clearly understood. KIDDING xD) He sings “I Will Always Love You”, such a hard song and he was ok until the high note. He tries then with “Closer” even though he wants another chance judges send him home and he’s not agree. Well, boy you aren’t a huge talent!

Nora Ferjani (24) is a lovely curly girl which has been bullied in the past when she went at school, she had acne and wore glasses, when she was 15 she weighted 87 kilos but now she’s a new person and she studies at Uni. Judges loved her crispy voice and she gets RECALL. I liked her a lot!

It’s time of Fairuz Fussi (16). Ok, all the voice around her, I think she’s not educate at all. How you can think to arrive in front of judges and only say: “Fuck! Fuck!” instead of “Hi” and stuff like that.

Tom appreciated her haircut (made by herself), the usual half shaved part. His father is Moroccan and her mother is German.

I didn’t understand yet if she’s stupid or she does it! With Rihanna’s song she wasn’t so good, she tries again with Jessie J then she dances. If this is dancing, I’m Marilyn Monroe, mh ok!

Dieter says her that she can only sing for a few seconds and then she forgets the lyrics. She tries again and definitely is like Dieter said but Fairuz isn’t agree and implores the jury for a second chance. Even though not convinced at all, judges give her the RECALL but once at Recall in Bad Driburg they send her home. BUAHAHA well done, guys!

Manuel Demann (23) in 2006 opened with his band, Tokio Hotel’s concerts and he was glad about that and he hopes to become famous like Tokio Hotel. Ok you are the same twins age and they are worldwide famous and you don’t, ok never say never but I think it’s a bit late.

The best part of this 2 hours episode is a little clip from Humanoid City Tour awwww

Bill and Tom in a first moment don’t remember him.

It’s time for his auditon and he’s neither started that he already makes a mistake -.-

And you opened Tokio Hotel’s concerts: shame on you!!! If they knew how you really were maybe they didn’t call you as opening-act! Tom thinks “Here Without You” was better than the other song.

This time it’s all in Bill’s hands but unfortunately it’s a NO.

Oksana Kolenitchenko (24) from Berlin gets a second chance by the jury. She gets the RECALL even though she didn’t impressed so much the judges but she’s not so bad, she has a good vocal but miss something.

Silvio Pasquarelli (31) says to be a self-educated guitar player and he loves to talk about himself about music. In front of the jury he tells to living a new situation and he would like a turning-point in his life thanks DSDS. Mh, ok… he seems convinced about what he’s saying.

He plays at the piano but he gets wrong chords and he’s also off-key. Bill has enough and stops up an ear buahahah lovely! Then Silvio tries with Miserere and he was really pathetic! Please, you suck, go home!

Bill asks him why he came here and Silvio continues to repeat: why am I here? And stuff like that

But my question is: why he brought a guitar and he neither used it?!

I couldn’t imagine there was a lot of weird characters in Germany hahaha

And now, for finish the episode in the best of the ways, it’s time for Menderes!

Ok, I admit to don’t know who he was but a little video shows his tenancy since 2002 in this show. He tried to get a RECALL for 10 years, OMG! He’s like a celebrity in the end and all pose with him!

Definitely he’s not a huge singer and every time he comes back home. Once he dressed up in a different way and changed the name but in the end Dieter understood who he was.

In 2011 he gets the RECALL. Of the series: I give you the Recall but don’t come back! But the Recall wasn’t good and once again he comes back home.

His aim is to become a superstar. In my opinion he’s already famous in this way and he can get auditions each year and to be recognize as well.

By the way, this time the audition seems to be better than the previous one, Dieter tells him to have sung better than the past auditions and for this reason he seems to get Recall.

Which is your favorite performance/moment?