DSDS 10th Season – Episode Eight Recap

Ok this episode starts in the best of the ways with an egocentric and funny song sung by Dieter about his way to be hahah

Gordon Ramsey + Simon Cowell = Dieter Bohlen

Are you agree with you?

[If you wanna check the whole episode, click HERE]

So, we still are in the Glass Cube that hosts the contestants which got RECALL and Mateo spends a few words with a few of the 71 acts. I have to say he’s really really nice. I like him a lot as person for what I can see thanks to episodes J

“Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen” by Philipp Poisel is the song Erwin, Micha, Wincent and Tim has to prepare for a chance to get Caribbean’s ticket.

Bill smiles after few seconds they started to sing, he seems satisfied and I’m totally agree. These four boys are amazing, great voice and great emotions.

Dieter speaks for the whole jury: “Erwin, you are the second best vocal in this group. You have a lot of sound in your vocal” and he adds “Hamma!” that means: Awesome! Cool! Then he continues “Micha, you are the best”, he compliments also with Wincent and then says Tim: “Your voice is a God’s gift!”

I think this is the best compliment someone can say to you! Tim’s voice is brilliant, I love it!

Obviously all the four boys get Caribbean’s ticket. They deserve it!

I hope they collaborate again in future, it would be cool!

Piero, Beatrice and Daniel is the next group to work together.

Mateo remembers Daniel’s arm moves at his audition and repeats it when Dieter calls Daniel hahah

“Idiot” by Michelle and Matias Reum is the song choice and Beatrice is so happy since she loves it.

I love Beatrice: she’s bright, funny, nice and a really great singer!

During the performance, Daniel forgets the lyrics even though he has the text in his hands.

Definitely this is the perfect song for describing him hahah and Piero adds he’s the disturbing factor of the group. Wow, so nice, Piero!

Dieter asks Piero if he can sing the refrain part but he makes a mistake and doesn’t understand the right moment to start to singing.

Judges want they sing again but without Daniel and in the meanwhile they make some rehearsals they call another group formed by: Daniel, Denis, Amadeus and Amir.

Ok for my Denis’s voice is one of a kind, I definitely prefer the voices of the four boys previously heard.

Daniel is a little bit rude in my opinion and already in the casting, judges got him a second chance and he had a hour to learn a song he already had to know for the audition (Bill also will reminding this fact haha)

It’s the moment of the truth, so let’s go guys, singing for us!

But there are few reasons the four guys want to say. Daniel for example, usually likes to sing German songs but not this one. (“Still” by Jupiter Jones) Ok, man! Do you think could you always sing or do only the things you want? Please, and these people would like to become an artist? And already they act in this way when they are nobody?

Amir adds saying that according to Bill’s thought they shouldn’t neither to sing and directly come back home. Well, it could be a great idea, so my ears aren’t going to suffer hahah

The performance is a completely disaster and the only one who tried to save it has been Denis.

Bill foreseen it was a disaster and he says that it’s the funniest ever!

Mateo announces: “You have been the best entertainer for us today!” [to Denis] and he gets Caribbean’s ticket. The boy is really impressed and happy at the same time but it’s not the same for Daniel, which appears really angry. Ehm, Daniel, there’s no reason why you have to be angry! You sucked!

By the way, come back to Piero, Beatrice and Daniel’s destiny.

The first two sing again the song and then judges call on stage also Daniel, obviously he has to leave the competition while Piero gets the Caribbean’s ticket. Dieter compliments to him because he has talent and can play accordion and piano.

Tom informs Beatrice they don’t like Schlager (it’s a form of popular music in the strictly meaning of the word, it’s typical in Northern Europe with the beat you heard in the song they sung) but Bill adds: when you sing Schlager, it comes from your heart. And so…. She gets Caribbean’s ticket too! YEEEAH!

Beatrice is really happy Tokio Hotel like Schlager too since now haha

Which is your favorite performance?

Are you agree with judges about Caribbean Recall’s choices?