Clueless Inspired Collections: Who Nailed It?

Since I follow designer Kenley Collins on twitter I have been seeing her updates about her Clueless inspired collection for months! She posted pictures from the entire process including production. Just the other day I saw the WildFox campaign images that released, and I could not help but think- was this an original idea?! Being in the fashion industry and seeing big designer labels take the ideas of independent designers season after season I know how frustrating this can be. However this may have just been a coincidence because we all know that 90’s are totally back in. We have been seeing plaid, platform tennis shoes, floral prints, knee high socks and other 90’s trends for well over a year now.

Kenley Collins did the clueless inspired collection and made the campaign images with her own twist- not as obvious as the WildFox images that are basically a recreation of the movie set. However this could be because Kenleys budget did not permit to shoot at a giant mansion and have a top of the line team.

Either way! BOTH collections are very fun and I like elements from both WildFox and Kenley Collins- Do you have a favorite?! I would LOVE TO KNOW who you think nailed it?

Kenley Collins video: