BUZZNET’S Fresh Faces: Chasing Vegas

I first got to know the guys of Chasing Vegas : Matt Reams, Justin Cecil and Peter Van Luenen, while they were out on Warped Tour. You might of seen them in the Fat Kid Rules The World Tent where they played a set daily! They just recently joined our BUZZNET Community and I thought it would be cool for you guys to get to know these pals.

How did Chasing Vegas get its start?

All three of us met in high school and have been performing in bands together since. Chasing Vegas is the newest project and officially formed in June of 2012

Being a Fresh Face to the music industry, what challenges have you guys faced?

We’re not very well known as of now so it’s harder to book shows and work with people who don’t know us.

How are you guys trying to overcome those challenges?

It’s a challenge to reach out but we’re really try to branch out this new year! We’re capable of so much more but people have yet to see it.

You guys have had a lot of success in such a short amount of time, What has been your proudest moment.

Probably gaining our spot on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. We’re proud of all those days we spent in the hot sun working and earning what we accomplished.

Chasing Vegas got on Warped Tour 2012 in a very unique way. Care to explain?

We started from just following with no money and worked our way in and payed for the tour on Cd sales only. After meeting wonderful people on the tour and volunteering for several non-profit organizations we had solidified a spot performing everyday.

For new musicians hoping to join that tour, what do you recommend/ Helped you.

Hustle your butt off to and talk to everyone you can who is working the tour. Make an impact and make sure people are hearing and remembering your name. It’s all about meeting the right people and showing that you’re driven, motivated and committed.

What do you guys have planned next?

That’s a secret 😉

See what’s coming up next for Chasing Vegas and get connected with them

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