BUZZNET Exclusive: William Beckett’s ‘Dear Life’ Acoustic Video

Today William Beckett’s The Pioneer Sessions hit iTunes and we have been swooning all morning! Not only is William’s new EP filled with songs we already love, but it shows off how talented William is musically. Buzznet is a HUGE fan of everything he’s released as a solo artist, and were thrilled to hear he has begun work on his first LP.

With his brand new acoustic album out, William also has a special treat for fans. We’re happy to have the exclusive premiere of Williams’ “Dear Life” video. The video features William performing the love song — but is also laced with candid moments to keep you on your toes. Be sure to watch till the end, William is going to look you right in the eyes!

You can pick up The Pioneer Sessions today and we recommend you do!

What do you think of William Beckett’s “Dear Life (The Pioneer Sessions)” video?