BUZZNET Exclusive: Dave Franco Reveals Zombie Apocalypse Tactics (VIDEO)

If you haven’t heard about the new movie Warm Bodies (where have you been?!), you will sure enough! The uber-cute zombie romance flick hits theaters tomorrow and stars some of Hollywood’s biggest up-and-comers, including Nicholas Hoult (you know, the boy in About a Boy), Teresa Palmer, Dave Franco and AnnaLeigh Tipton.

Buzznet gave me the amazing opportunity to interview hunky Dave Franco at the Warm Bodies press junket a few weekends ago, and needless to say, I was super-stoked! Dave toned down his funny-man ways for a moment to tell me about his zombie apocalypse tactics, what he’d bring along to survive and the pleasurable memory he’d want to share with a zombie (spoiler alert: it has to do with sushi!).

Check out my interview below and find out just how Dave plans to be… Legolas?!?!

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Warm Bodies hits theaters Feb. 1st.

What’s one thing you’d bring in a zombie apocalypse?