Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #46

Hallo, hallo, hallo Leute!

It’s Wednesday and tonight there will be a new episode of DSDS casting highlights, woop!


But there are few news and reports I want to share with you 😉

First: finally announce the date of tickets pre-sale for the first DSDS live show episode (March 16 or 23, 2013). The tickets will be available from February 4, 2013 at 2:30pm [German Time]

A new exclusive video message from the twins after a shooting and an interview for BRAVO magazine. Bill and Tom greet all their fans and hope to see them again soon!

(OMG, can’t wait to see you guys again too!)

and this is the interview…

Bill & Tom – Fashion Talk

Fashion-Alarm at DSDS! In the ten year history of DSDS, no other jury-members have been as stylish as Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 23) from Tokio Hotel. Bill surprised the viewers of this season with 5 (!) outfit changes during the first episode – one more spectacular than the other! Bravo met up with the twins for a little stlye-talk…

By now, both of you are fashion icons. Is a candidates style therefore imporant to you?Bill: For me it’s important that they’re authentic. A lot of people wear crazy stuff, but more often than not it only looks like they’re disguising themselves.Tom: Yup, if they dress “boring” every day, they should continue doing so. There’s no point in dressing up and not being comfortable with what you’re wearing, thus screwing up your performance.Bill: One candidate, for example, came to the casting in a simple white shirt, jeans and sneakers – and he was great! I would never tell him: Go and put on a leather jacket with metal studs or try on the new collection of Givenchy. That’s ridiculous.

So candidates can’t make up for their weak/bad voice with their styling?Tom: Both things play a role in our decision making process. If a candidate doesn’t sing that great, but has an awesome stage presence, is charismatic and has an awesome style, I would let him advance onto the next round. I would rather let such a person go on to the next round, than someone who might have a better voice but where you can immediately see: You can’t put him on stage because he’s missing the stage presence and the fire.

How do you find the right casting stlye for yourself?Bill: You should be spontaneous: What do I feel comfortable with and in which clotheses do I look best? I always get up in the morning and dress how I want to. I never think about what I’m going to do or what I have planned that day. And then, suddenly, I’m sitting behind the jury-table for ten hours, under the warm spotlights – bundled up in a thick sweater (laughs).

What do you like wearing most right now?Bill: Colors! In the past I wore a lot of black. But I’m not one for following fashion trends and I don’t look at what others wear all the time. What’s an absolute no-go are the slippers that Mateo always wears! (laughs) I would never wear something like that. Just like shorts.Tom: Those are also not my thing, even if I have very voluptuous/erotic legs…(laughs) Otherwise, I really like wearing sweaters.Bill: Did you notice that Tom’s style really changed?

That’s true – what happened?Bill: Tom slowly catches up with what I was born with! (laughs) He learned this from me.Tom: You must be joking! I always liked wearing cloths in the pocket of my pants, and now you’re doig the exact same thing…Bill: By now, Tom just raids my closet and steals things like sunglasses, for example, or jackets.Tom: It was one jacket! And I had to cut off the sleeves. You should know: Bill’s closet is like a massive, smelly Second-Hand-Shop. Finding a nice jacket was really hard!Bill: (laughs) But your pants have definitely gotten tighter!Tom: That’s just because my ass got bigger…(laughs)

Amazing poster on TWIST magazine (damn, in the station’s kiosk of my city they don’t sell this magazine, fuck! I admit it’s pretty rare to find it, rarely I found it in Austria when I go at the mall and it’s a German magazine)

And these are few photos from Recall in Curaçao and Bad Driburg: