Beauty Tested: BUZZNET Approved! No 7 Day Cream

From face wash to foundation I’ve been an avid Estee Lauder girl for the last few years. While I’m typically a pretty loyal product-user, the new and improved beauty section at Buzznet’s local Walgreens is too darn tempting! In a casual browse of the local pharmacy, I came across an enticing display for the UK based cosmetic company No 7. I have used a few products from their parent company, Boots, in the past so I was excited to give No 7 a try!

I chose to test out their Protect & Perfect Day Cream. The daily moisturizer has a great creamy texture and contains SPF 15 protection which I love! It did an excellent job of keeping my skin moisturized and crack-free all day. Plus at $20.99 it’s $11 cheaper than what I typically use. (Bonus!)

I give No 7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream a 3 out of 5 for two main reasons:

1 – The cream leaves a bit of a greasy residue after application. I typically like a cream that blends in and doesn’t leave me feeling oiled up.

2 – In the same vein, after a week of use I noticed a few small blemishes. My skin is far from perfect but I definitely noticed an overall change in my skin after using the product for awhile. It might just be an adjustment period flare up, but only time will tell!

In conclusion – I will definitely hold onto my No 7 cream and use it when I’m in a bind or as a post-workout stash to leave at the office. As far as pharmacy creams go, it’s definitely near the top of the list!

What’s Your Fave Moisturizer?