Is Ashley Greene’s New Ink An Epic Fail?

Now is the perfect time to add new things into your life – and that includes pretty permanent things like a tattoo! Twilight‘s Ashley Greene isn’t a newbie when it comes to tattoos and wasn’t shy to tweet a photo of her freshly tatted foot to share with the public!

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 starlet has been busy filming her most recent movie project, Satanic, in New Orleans, but before packing up and heading home got pricked by the inky gun to remind her of The Big Easy.

On Jan. 14, Ashley tweeted, “I’m sad to be leaving New Orleans … But I’m taking this with me :),” posting a picture of her new “Lifes a Dance” tattoo on her foot.

As cute as it is, we can’t help but notice something is missing! Can you figure out what it is?

If you said the apostrophe over the “s” in “lifes,” you are correct! Yikes, looks like someone forgot their punctuations!

It looks like an easy fix, but do you think it’s an epic fail?

If you could get any phrase tattooed on you, what would it say?