Artist Spotlight: Coasta

Heading into 2013, here at Buzznet we have been trying to freshen up what we wear, watch and — for me, what we listen to. Part of my responsibility is to bring you new artists who will be big in the months to come; today that band is Coasta. Coasta is a trio from Long Island who were destined to work together and have quickly gained momentum heading into the New Year.

Jamey Lacey (yes Jesse Lacey of Brand New’s brother. Talent runs deep in that family), Chris Lorenz and Steve Kupillas make up this dynamic trio.

Their 5-tack EP released last year, brought me back to a 90s alt-rock feel that these days is categorized as indie. The instrumentals alone are just spot on — and the melodies of the vocals are beautiful with a perfect balance of grit. I especially love the song “Sunzal” – take a listen here.

You can also enjoy Coasta’s music video for the single, “Young Blood.”

If I have done my job and you would like to see the guys live, they are playing The Stuido at Webster Hall on January 25th in New York City. Please go and enjoy for me.

Also check out a quick Q&A with the guys below to get to know them a little bit better. #musicrules.

You guys are a brand new band, only formed within the past year, yet you have such a developed sound. How long have you each been playing music?

We’ve all been playing music most of our lives, but together we’ve been playing for about 2 years.

Which artists inspired you while writing your EP?

That’s hard to say because between the three of us there are a lot of influences.

Now that you have your new music out, what’s next?

We’ve been writing and recording new material for a full length, which we hope will be out before the summer. And from there, we hope to hit the road and see the world.

How did you decide on forming a band together?

We met at a recording studio on Long Island, while doing separate projects. The first song we actually recorded together was a song called “Zombies,” which we may still release for fun one of these days. The writing chemistry was there, and so we decided to start writing more songs together.

You’re from New York, but I noticed you guys are getting a pretty big demand to play shows in other states too, when can we expect a tour?

Since we’re working on the new record, we’ve been spending most of our time in the studio. But we have plans to start touring nationally in March.

You’re a pretty self-sufficient band, after all you produced, recorded and mixed your album yourselves, is that something you would like to stick with?

We had a lot of fun doing it ourselves the first time around, and we’ve actually started to record the new material the same way. But this time around we’re going to shop the album to find support, and if we get the opportunity, we’d all love to work with a third party.

If you could chose any active band to tour with who would it be?

We just recently got introduced to the music of a band called Now, Now. We think they’re rad, and we’d would love to play a show with them.

What are you doing if you’re not playing or writing music?

Just working our normal jobs mostly, gotta pay the bills.

Let’s talk muisc, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What do you think of Coasta?