Style Profile: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is definitely one of thos great polarizers, like Miracle Whip or cilantro: people either cannot stand the sight of her, or they totally love her. As for me personally, I fall into the latter category, and while I can see how some might find her a touch annoying (just as cilantro tastes just a touch like soap), I am super into her anyway. She’s a vastly talented, beautiful young woman who has played some very powerful roles, including the jilted wife Lureen in Brokeback Mountain, the unstable drug-addicted Kym in Rachel Getting Married, and most recently Fantine inLes Miserables, which she has been winning all sorts of accolades for, including the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. That means this year we’ve seen a lot of Anne on the red carpet, which means a lot of her chic, classy style: fashion-forward without being in your face, Anne is sort of like a modern day Audrey Hepburn, but with a little more guts (and thankfully a bit more meat, Audrey certainly always looked like she could use a sandwich or five).

Click through the gallery for some of Anne’s best looks over the past year. Comment on your favorites and let us know what you think of Anne’s style!


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