5 Must Wear Fashion Trends For 2013

Time flew bye and it is officially 2013 already!! I was looking up some of the most talked about fashion trends for spring 2013…I am in love with all of it! I decided to pick my top 5 to share with all of you fellow fashion lovers. There is no better way to start off the year than with the best trends right?

1. Sporty Dresses:These dresses are a girly yet sporty way to rock an a-line!

2. Shorts Suits: These suits are perfect for warmer weather whether you are going into the office or out and about, too cute!

3. Luxe Leather: Every fashionists will agree…every good wardrobe needs to have some amazing leather or even faux leather pieces! These are the perfect ways to rock modernized leather within your spring looks!

4. Bold Stripes: Bold and unique is key and stripes are a trend that will last for years to come!

5. Statement Sunglasses: What better way to add some runway flare to a simple outfit than with these sunglasses!

What 2013 trend is YOUR favorite?