5 Fresh Things To Try In 2013!

2013 is already flying! three weeks ago, many of us made new year’s resolutions and set goals to better ourselves. From eating healthier and working out to learning how to play a new instrument or a new language, there are so many opportunities to change. The new year is also a great time for trying new things!

Daring to be a bit different this year? Here’s five ways.

1. Eat Something New

While animal parts may not be your cup of tea, you can always try different things when it comes to veggies and fruits. You most likely haven’t tasted (or even heard of) the various veggies and fruits from around the world. Even if it’s something as small as trying a dish you’re not familiar with at a restaurant you frequent, you’ll definitely learn something new.

2. Learn a New Language

Think it’s hard enough to communicate with others who speak the same language as you? Try speaking a different language – or better yet, you are clueless about! It may take some time and a few fumbles, but learn a new language will be amazing once you nail it!

3. Tackle a New Project

Remember the good old days when we used to have hobbies? Whether it was collecting Barbies or becoming a chess master, we all had something unique to keep us occupied in our free time. Let’s go back to that and take on a new project, like learning how to knit or crochet! Fun and impressive to your friends and fam!

4. Create a Vision Board

If you’ve never created a board before, you will have a blast with this! Take a poster board and fill it up with magazine images, inspirstional quotes and things you want in life. The idea is that if you envision it, you can become it. So get to it!

5. Dye Your Hair

Perhaps the easiest way to change up your look is to give yourself a new ‘do! A fun (and slightly messy) way to do that is by dyeing your hair. Bonus points for a crazy, bold color, like pink, purple or green. Give it a spin and then post photos to your Buzznet profile!

How are you going to do a new you this year? What goals have you already accomplished this year?