Would You Pay $55,000 For The Olsen Twins’ Backpack?

We may now know why the Olsen Twins have a combined net worth at $100 million since they’re charging $55,000 for backpacks! Made out of crocodile skin and yes, those are prescription pillembellishments attached, this backpack will certainly cause some faints at a cost like this.

Designed by the Brit artist, Damien Hirst, this work of art is one of the 12 backpacks that are being sold for such a hefty price. On top of being a ‘limited edition,’ a portion of your purchase will be donated to UNICEF. We don’t know how much will be donated, but even if it’s just 1%, that’s still a generous amount.

Who do you think will buy this backpack? We’re betting on Lady Gaga, although she will need to use that money to pay some fines.